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Tsavo East National Park

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Tsavo National Park also known as the “Theatre of the wild” is the largest National Park in the world and covers about 4% of Kenya. The national park in Kenya is divided into two parts by Mombasa Road forming the Tsavo West National Park and Tsavo East National Park.

Tsavo East National Park | Kenya Safari

Tsavo East National Park covers about 11,747 Sq Km, and its located about 233km south of Nairobi and about 250km from Mombasa. The park can be accessed through one of its five gates depending on where you are approaching from. Mtito Andei, Voi, Buchuma, Manyani, Ithumba and Sala gates.
Facts & things to do in Tsavo East national Park

Elephants in mad

  • The park is known to host large heards of Elephants often seen rollings and spraying wach other with the waters of River Galana.
  • Aruba Dam – The beautiful Aruba dam located on the north bank of the seasonal Voi River, is visited by thousands of animals and a great game viewing destination
  • Mudanda Rock – This whale –backed Rock towers above a natural dam, which acts as a draw to thousands of Elephants
  • The longest lava flow in the world- at 300 kilometers in length, the heat shimmering edge of yatta plateau is the longest lava flow in the world and an ornithological paradise that attract migrating birds from all over the world
  • Lugards Falls – Named after Captain Lugard, the first proconsul to East Africa, the falls feature bizarrely eroded rocks through which the waters of the Galana River plunge into foaming rapids and crocodile –infested pools

lugard falls

Tsavo is home to large herds red elephant, Rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, fat pods of hippo, giant crocodile, waterbucks, Kudu, Gerenuk and Hunter’s hartebeest and much more. The prolific bird life features 500 recorded species.
 Accommodation in the park
o    Voi Safari Lodge   |    Kingfisher Tented Camp | Ndololo Tented Camp | Tarhi Eco Camp
o    Satao Camp | Epiya Chapeya Tented Camp | Patterson’s Safari Camp
o    Aruba Ashnil | Tsavo Machariki Camp

Tsavo manyatta-camp

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