Elephantine Island Peppered with palm tree plantations and sloping villages of colorful mud-brick houses, Elephantine Island is Aswan’s major highlight. At its southern end are Aswan Museum and the Ruins of Abu, Aswan’s most ancient settlement, which contains the Old Kingdom Temple of Khnum and the Temple of Satet. On the eastern embankment near the […]

Translucent turquoise waters, radiant sands, and rustling palms – these star in the fantasies of beach connoisseurs around the world, and the Caribbean is the place to find them. Islands like the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Antigua, Anguilla, and Aruba are famous for their alluring stretches of coast, but other islands host their own versions […]

                                     Nairobi Tented Camp The only accommodation inside Nairobi National Park opened in 2010. A traditionally styled camp of large tents, located in a hilly, densely wooded area of fig, ebony and wild olive trees on the west side of the park, close to several popular south-west Nairobi attractions. The major advantage of staying at […]

Royal Court Hotel Royal Court Hotel is located in the Mombasa city centre, only 10 kilometers from the Airport. The hotel presents a stunning combination of the artificial and natural elements with coastal wood and terracotta finishing which complements the modern architecture in an artistic feat. Access The hotel is located in one of the […]