Holiday in Peru

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Peru In Your Hands


Welcome to Peru.

Lima; shrouded in history, gloriously messy and full of aesthetic delights. Lima is a sophisticated city with civilization that dates back millennia. Stately museums display sublime pottery; galleries debut edgy art; solemn religious processions recall the 18th century and crowded nightclubs dispense tropical beats. No visitor can miss the capital’s culinary genius, part of a gastronomic revolution more than 400 years in the making.

We will take you the watery wonderlands of Puerto Maldonado, capital of the southern jungle, its central streets, a-buzz with manically tooting three-wheeled motorcycle rickshaw taxis. Yet its languid, laid-back ambience invites you to linger a while longer as you feel and hear the Amazonian jungle than anywhere else in Peru.

And finally Cusco (Cuzco) the undisputed archaeological capital of the Americas, as well as the continent’s oldest continuously inhabited city, also the gateway to Machu Picchu. Despite its ancient aura, Cuzco is gracefully married to 21st-century hustle and at times it’s a bit disconcerting  as you would occasionally find a McDonald’s behind the Inca stones.

the package includes

  1. Accommodation in 4-star hotel
  2. Panoramic city tour by night in lima
  3. Beans to bar chocolate workshop in Cusco
  4. Biking in the sacred valley
  5. Kayaking and jungle adventure in the Amazon
  6. Full day visit to Machu Pichu citadel

Ready for a getaway, we’ve got you.