Underground Funicular in Turkey A funicular is an inclined railway in which a tram is moved up and down a hill with a cable. Istanbul’s Tünel is an underground version. The route is just over half a kilometre and covers the 60-metre height distance between the seaside on the Golden Horn and the beginning of […]

Kenya is famous for all the wildlife safaris available. But did you know that you can have some great adventure safaris in Kenya. Sometimes a holiday is best when you are active and sporty. If you can see wildlife as you are flexing your muscles, you can have the best of two worlds. The top […]

There are so many reasons to visit Kenya that it’s hard to choose just five. Kenya has some of Africa’s finest national parks, fantastic mountain regions, wide expansive beaches and its lakes are filled with flamingos and pelicans. It’s a wonderful place to take a holiday. So why should you think about paying Kenya a […]

Top 5 reasons to take a Tanzania safari They call Tanzania the giraffe of Africa and this is no surprise, it does indeed look down on it’s neighbours as they experience political unrest, terrorism and crime – Tanzania itself experiences none of these things. This peaceful and safe country not only offers a haven for […]

The Mara National Reserve is home to over 1.5 million Wildebeests, thousands of Zebras, Hippopotami, Nile crocodiles, the rare Wide Rhinos, over 400 bird species among other animals and wild plantation. It is also hosts some of the country’s best hotels, has amazing airstrips and a great nomadic community. : Home to the world’s Seventh […]

Day 1: Nairobi to Samburu Game Reserve   Early morning pick up from your residence at 0700hrs, prayers and itinerary briefing by Abana safaris representative. Afterwards you board your van and head north via the shoulder of Africa’s second largest mountain, Mount Kenya, making your way to the Samburu Game Reserve. Arrive at around 1300 hours […]