Often seen as simply a beach destination, Tunisia has a bucket-full of surprises for those that venture off the sandy shores. This is North Africa wrapped up into one, bite-sized package with vast Sahara dunes, mammoth ancient ruins and exotic cities that are home to a sprawling tangle of souks. Tunisia was Rome’s breadbasket, and […]

Gabon is a rewarding travel destination, but exploring the country is not easy. Infrastructure is limited, the tourism industry is in its infancy, and travel in Gabon is surprisingly expensive despite being off-the-beaten-track. Although the wildlife and landscapes are magnificent, foreigners shouldn’t expect world-class museums and amenities just yet. The main tourist attractions in Gabon […]

Morocco is a country with everything you’ll find in the more typical Mediterranean destinations of Europe with many African extras thrown in, and a price tag that’s much more forgiving to strained wallets. I’m going to let you in on five of my top Moroccan favorites along with the hotels I personally recommend, but please […]

Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Jakarta, Indonesia Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. In Jakarta there are many tourist attractions. Starting from the national historical, cultural attractions, and etc. The uniqueness of the tourist attraction in Jakarta is formed from diverse ethnic and national character in Indonesia. Not a few foreign tourists who choose Jakarta as a […]

5 Best Tourist Attractions In South Korea South Korea has many fascinating tourist attractions. If you have a chance to go to Korea, explore the tourist spots of this country will be the great experiences. With an interesting blend of traditional and modern attractions, South Korea become a great tourist destination. Korea is rich in […]

Zimbabwe has many beautiful tourist attractions one of them is the famous Victoria Falls. The country is blessed with fertile soil, mineral wealth and breathtaking scenery. Two major rivers form the northern and southern borders. Great Zambesi River cut across the north, while the Limpopo River forms the southern border with South Africa. Zimbabwe offers […]