TOP ATTRACTIONS IN CANADA                          Quebec City Quebec City may be the capital of the Quebec province in eastern Canada, but its French heritage, architecture and language make it appear more like a charming European village. The city’s icon, the stunning Chateau Frontenac, is regarded as the most photographed hotel in North America and […]

                     IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT IMPALA Impalas are medium-sized antelopes that roam the savanna and light woodlands of eastern and southern Africa. In the rainy season, when food is plentiful, they may gather in large herds of several hundred animals to browse on grasses and herbs, bushes, shrubs, and shoots. Most young impala are born around […]

AMAZING UNDERWATER HOTELS. Ever since Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid” sang that catchy tune “Under the Sea,” we’ve been dreaming of a life underwater while being firmly planted on dry land. Much to our delight, this childhood fantasy has become a reality. Hear are the top 10 most amazing underwater hotels in the world:                    Pemba […]

                 10 fascinating facts about elephants. The elephant, the planet’s largest terrestrial mammal, is a fascinating creature but it remains an unfortunate target of the poaching underworld. Here are some of the interesting facts about elephants. There are only two distinct species of elephant left in the world: The African elephant and the Asian elephant. 2. […]

South Africa is one of the most beautiful, hottest tourist destinations in the world. Here are some of the beautiful places which each and everyone could like to tour while in South Africa.                               KRAGER NATIONAL In terms of wildlife alone, Kruger is one of the world’s greatest national parks. The diversity, density and sheer numbers […]

                        Angel falls This is the highest waterfall in the world measuring 979 meters high.Angel Falls is located in the Guayana highlands, and it is just one of the five great adventure regions in Venezuela.Angel Falls is 15 times higher than Niagara Falls with its total of approximately 52 meters.This fall is named for Jimmy […]

           TOP TEN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN MADAGASCAR       Ranomafana National Park   Located in the southeastern region of Madagascar near the village of Ranomafana, the Ranomafana National Park is one of the nation’s most popular parks. The eastern section of the park is the most scenic, with numerous streams splashing through densely forested hills. The […]

Hell's Gate National Park

Hells Gate National Park “A walk on the wild side” Hell’s Gate National Park lies to the south of Lake Naivasha in Kenya, North West of Nairobi.  The park which is mainly comprised of savannah ecosystem habours a wide variety of wildlife. Some of the frequently observed animal species include lions, leopards, and cheetahs. There […]